Take a Breath &Travel

Debbie Jagel

Please Push yourself to travel

and reconnect with your family.

There is nothing more exhilarating than visiting my sister and brother. Family love.

We all work so hard ..day to day and focus on getting things done. Working through lists,driving everyone around and trying to maintain a balance.

Which is great, except that we actually lose sight of the world. The BIG picture and why we are here. We forget to breathe and look around.

it is so important to stay within reach of your family. Why?

When I see my siblings it reminds me of the THREADS, that bind us.

It reminds me of my strength I have within. My understanding of our family blood and gene pool.

The vision of  my mom and dad who created all of our traditions, behavior and work ethic. They  guided us and through our bond taught us so much.

The visit strengthens me and reminds,inspires me and kicks me in my ass! The gifts  of my family traits revealed again.

I am the baby sister of four.

I am so proud of each of my siblings and so grateful to be able to share a few days with each.

Birth order is a strange thing but it definitely impacts how we see the world and our family.

Perhaps because of being last  i could see the "whole" family and their interaction with each other. Observing all.

Walking into my sisters or my brothers feels like walking into my mom and dads. The warmth, the decor, the feeling, the traits.


Skiing is our family tradition since I was 5 and has continued every year since.

It is a love and passion we all share and has created a bond to the mountain for each of us filled with memories.

My parents are everywhere I look from the moment the mountains appear in my horizon . As I click my first buckle of my boot.

I have tears falling down my cheeks. Filled with gratitude and the graciousness of my family!

If you've never skied you cannot understand this.

Skiing with family all day long is quite the bonding experience.

There is a skill, a confidence,a fear, a power, a growth, a wonderful bonding filled with heart wow!

When you ski. The outside world stops. It's you and your ability to get down the slope. Your mind stops thinking of work and life minutiae. It's you vs the mountain. A fabulous competition.

When I'm on top of the mountain I can hear my dad say "follow me!"

There were times we would join hands and ski in unison together.

Or I would ski through his legs of his snowplow.

All day you smell the cheeseburgers on the hill being grilled. So when it's time for lunch we all meet at the sundeck which is another one of my favorite traditions and really such an experience.

Sitting in the sun eating the best cheeseburger ever with warm apple streudel grateful for a moment to rest between runs.

And people watching!

I have so many memories of thawing my feet, my hands. watching my father and his friends talk about their runs and their laughter together.

The week I just had was priceless! It was filled with love and so much heart! Peter and Tyler along with my brother And sister gave me the best birthday week ever!!

My mom and dad had hoped this would happen. A sharing of life, memories and the mountain!

Thank you Mom and Dad.

Thank you Paul and Diane

Thank you Kendall and Doug

The best was seeing Laura and Brigit my two nieces! The youngest grandchildren coming up through the mountain ranks extending our  family history!

Here's to the snow , the sun, the mountain, the tradition, the energy, the strength, our legs, the competition ,the challenge, the moguls and to FAMILY!

Where do your family traditions await?




The Trench..Underused

Debbie Jagel

The Trench. A powerful coat in your closet that you should grab more often! Do not look at it as a beige raincoat! If you haven't bought a new one lately get in here to touch and try this one!! The material MAKES all the difference! No Stiffness bunching or crumbling Columbo Style NO.

It's PARIS FASHION WEEK!! Think like a Parisian and choose it because you want to add flair to your street style! Add a belt to it, a colorful sash, a scarf or a bold necklace. A blank canvas awaits you to play!

The Trench is the quintessential design waiting for you! Look at it as a blazer or a long cardigan. And please let it FLY!! Let your legs show and be a girl with strength, Confidence and a SMILE with a hidden giggle. 💋


Shopping Voyage

Debbie Jagel

It's my birthday week!  What to get me? My husband outdid himself this year!

He doesn't quite understand how? But, I LOVE shopping!!

Yes, I am in the clothing industry and continually surrounded with style, but I never have enough!


Design, fashion, style is my continual study, my archeological dig on a daily basis. Never based on season, nor trend. But, purely inspiration through texture material, touch and draping!


So... Peter surprised me and took me shopping yesterday afternoon and ignited my soul!!


I was giddy with excitement and could hardly wait to get to Oakbrook!


I love walking in and allowing the merchandising to mesmerize me, for a second, and then I begin to look.

I am a silent shopper.

I need no help . I know what I love and can tell by just a sliver of the reveal on the rack.


i think Peter was amused by me observing my process. My huge smile,when I'd find a treasure and my dancing of joy!


The very strange part for me, was thinking just about me.

I never shop purely for me.

I shop for my family,I shop for my clients and I continually search for everyone else but me. Truth.


It has been a long, long while since I spent a few hours submerged in shopping for me!


Shopping is like a spa treatment for me. It awakens every cell of my being. I feel so alive in the moment.

It is a social event as I talk after my choices have been pulled to every salesperson .

They always know I'm in the industry. I have a certain style about me. truth.


Shopping is not about trying to find something It is about allowing the treasure to be discovered. Let the magic of the hunt happen.


And shopping is a deep deep memory of my mom and dad. They are who trained me for marathon shopping. We could go forever never tiring seeking the unique.


So BIG hugs to #LuckyPeter and many kisses for knowing exactly what I needed to ignite ME during this January birthday week!


My message to you is if for some reason you dread shopping you're NOT doing it right!

I say this with all seriousness.


Shopping is a transportation of mind from reality to fantasy. It is a narrative within your head. A visualization of where the design can take you!


It is NEVER about logic.

Shopping is a luxury of all of your senses.


Come see me at Ootra and I will teach you "the art of the buy"

I promise you it sparks every cell of your body when done right!






Debbie Jagel

Yes...Its cold outside! Remember? It's January❄️

Below freezing temps, means .. make a fire and cozy on up.

Grab your favorite magazine a hot chocolate ☕️and nestle in.

Make a great pot of soup, chili or a beef stew. Bake cookies.

Watch a movie you've been waiting for the right time and doodle. Binge watch a whole season of something . Doze off.

Dressing for these days is all about the cozy comfort.

A chunky knit sweater layered over your flannel  on top of your leggings and sumptuous soft slipper socks!

Enjoy this chilly Sunday,January day and have no guilt for just sitting.






Stop. Look. Listen.

Debbie Jagel

Are you where you want to be?

The answer should be YES!

The question is simple

Are you in "this" moment?

Or are you wishing for another? in the future? Stop.


I am the biggest offender of this so I am writing to remind each of us and myself!!




I am so excited for this month and all it has to offer. I am happy to be in Naperville in our beautiful space . I love my team. I am so grateful for our friends (I dislike the word clients)

I ADORE the creation of our VIP.


I love where I am right this minute! My mind doesn't stop but the reality, that's life.

I just have to reign it in and harness the energy into the Now. The present.


So here I am sitting in my living room on one of the coldest days so far! Excited to get the day started. Loving my new boots and my outfit! It's hard I can't just go take a walk my hair is still wet.

But feeling blessed for today. I love our home, the coziness and warmth. I am energized to get to ootra and transform our space to Happy 2016!


As of today when you come into the store there will be a board to write on a post-it an #Ootrahappy for the day to share with the world.


You all know I'm very optimistic and intention oriented so my goal is to help EACH of us to remember and share this together!


Today please take an extra second while standing in line to enjoy the experience, of the line, the view, the style, the decor, the new conversation you might start.


Do not stand there thinking hurry up, looking at your phone wanting to already be five minutes in the future.


STOP. Look. Listen.

The basic crossing the street rules from kindergarten.


Stop. Look. Listen.

With Love.