Happy Birthday Week.

Debbie Jagel

This week is one BIG birthday celebration for Courtenay and Lauren! Our two company head leaders! 

They were born a couple of houses apart and have known each other all of their lives. The two girls are a balance to each other! They are often called sisters. The two of them have distinctively different styles, and yet share pieces of clothing.

They are adventurous and style saavy. yet are #RealGirls easily approachable. Court and Lo embrace life unafraid. They are independent individuals. They choose silence over frenetic crazy. (sometimes)

They adore dressing, pushing fashion and styling you. They share a contagious giggle, a dancing heart and love a fabulous meal.

They have grown together and expand the company with their vision and infuse all with enthusiasm and love for life! 

The two girls can be happily impulsive ready to roll! Always hungry, moody at times, which keeps me on edge. ❤️ 

I am honored that they choose daily to help lead Ootra into the future. They are our spark plugs, They are our energy. They are two beautiful hearts that share their pure love with you every single day. 

They are my daily smile. My two girlies that make each day FUN!  Kindness, gentleness, compassion and truth my team. LOVE!



The True Style Of The Holidays.

Debbie Jagel



Family Love. Open your window and breathe in peace and stillness of soul.

Whether you are staying home, or traveling there is a small style list required.


Mind Style:

1) Patience



4)Childlike Vision


These will allow your long weekend together to be positive and fun. #OpenWindow 



This is every weekend at Merriewold our home in the woods, (LoveShack). I approach every visit there this way. I fill the candy jars, I buy glow necklaces &bracelets,I fill the cookie jar. The table gets decked out to my inner brain theme for the weekend.

The grocery list grows. The pantry overflowing. Ready for any wish,whim or desire!

This is the way we roll. We could have 6 for dinner or 18, either way we are prepared and excited.


The style spirit is giving, loving, embracing, fulfilling and peaceful. #OpenWindow


The holidays are meant to remind you of family and tenderness. It is a time when you can shut down. Lose the phone, watch a movie together with a big bowl of popcorn or fall asleep while watching. (me)

Forget the outside stress of work. Let it melt away. Focus on being in the moment. Actually being with the shenanigans of family. Love the quirks. Again, put the phone away. No need.


My recommended recipe for peace:

Buy a stack of magazines

even an enquirer 🌟

Bring your Ootra Lavender Oil

Lots of Socks

Cozy Sweaters

Sweater Coat for walks

Signature green pant

A great skirt and dress to layer

Slippers or ugg boots

A few scarves

A couple of gifts just in case

Your fave candy stash


The list obviously changes if you're going away to warmth.

But the main ingredient required

Lavender oil. Love. Patience. #OpenWindow


Most of all just remember have fun. Take walks. Be with your family. And toss away your lifeline to work. Imagine putting all that energy back into you and your family. This is what matters.


Family first.



OOTRA VIP insider Styling

Debbie Jagel


This past week I launched an Ootra VIP Insider Styling page on Facebook.

What is it? and Why?

I had the desire to create a private, intimate, safe venue for my followers. A place that would give you the ability to share questions and victories. Where we can solve looks together.

Engagement is so very important to me. I crave conversation with you.

It became obvious to me that if my desire was to engage with you I had to separate us onto a private page.

A high number of followers does not allow a feeling of safety.

So, I built a secret FB page that has a fee for membership.

We opened it Friday morning and membership grew quickly and engagement began immediately!

My heart skipped a beat to see the activity growing and I had chills from the excitement stirred up.

It was everything I had hoped for and more than that, It was like sitting on the couch of silver all day long with each of you. I was able to make a difference every single time I went to the page.

The engagement valid, potent and incredible!

Courtenay described it best..

"It's like a secret slumber party!"

The benefit is one on one time with me but you also can ask the group questions at anytime.

They are from CT , MI, IL and NY so far.

What do I post?

I ask questions, I give fun assignment challenges. I inspire and I write. Some participate others observe. Some post a pic, but each of my insiders are becoming more and 

more brave.💋

The excitement of NEW boxes opened and posted on the page allowing my VIP insiders

 48 hours to react and reserve. Then whats left goes to the public.

There will be savings and special rewards for my VIP insiders! 

It's hard to put into words what I have felt and how my insiders have felt , all I can say is WOW!

One of my insiders said this to me today:

"Being Ootra VIP is like being treated to a visual smorgasbord everyday!"

That sums it up!

If interested please contact me.




Say No to Jeans...Always!

Debbie Jagel

Jeans, never!

This will be controversial to a lot of you! 

Truth, my dad never allowed me to wear jeans. He always had me #DressForTheDay in skirts or dresses. I get it now, but it was frustrating at times. Though seriously, if I ever tried jeans on, truthfully, they never fit at all. So, our #StylistTruth is never wear.

Ootra doesn't carry jeans. They are too common, expected and the jean does nothing positive for a woman's body. The denim adds a 1/4" in appearance to each leg. They widen, shorten and "block" out a woman's body. 

Often, when we go into a closet to re-style it. We discover old jeans, jeans that "used" to fit, and our client hoping to lose the weight. All negative vision first thing when you walk into your closet. The tightness, the uncomfortable alters your mindset from the moment you see, and walk past. First thing we do, move them faraway!

A skirt, or a dress adds "fancy" fun to your day. They make you feel thin, energized, and dressed!

Watch us  @ootragirl on Instagram for our many style recipes!! #MixingItUp

Isn't this how we should feel daily? Come on in and let us show you style outside of your jeans.