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  • Share your fashion questions and receive the answer in an intimate private space
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  • Enjoy the getaway into the private world of Style, Fashion, Travel and Hints to the secret corners of all!

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What OOTRA VIP Members Are Saying

As some of you know, I am obsessed with this store in Naperville called Ootra. The owner, Debbie Jagel, takes it beyond a “boutique” offering personal stylist services, provoking you to think differently about fashion and how you dress, showing you how to wear her pieces throughout all seasons and taking them from casual to fancy, mixing expensive with inexpensive. I can’t say enough about what she has done for me and my girls, and now with her new VIP page, she’s taken it to a new level and highly recommend checking out out!
— Amy
Thank you Debbie for creating Ootra VIP- something I look forward to EVERY morning and how I complete my day! It energizes and uplifts my spirit so that I could get on with the day. You’ve helped cultivate my personal style...thank you
— Judith
Ootra VIP is something so very special...I remember how I used to wait in anticipation at the arrival of magazines that oozed with style and inspiration... How I would dream with each turn of the page...I loved the dreamy life jumping from the pages... the artistic twist and turns. Thank you Ootra VIP! Now I have direct access to all that fairy princess fantasy any time I want😍... I can dream and try and get! And know I will have beautiful timeless pieces that boost my confidence ... No matter what ick there is ahead of me!

Fashion I’ve learned is magic... Intimate/vital...powerful! Thank you Debbie for creating/ sharing the magic💥👑 ... Now off I go to slay another dragon😂😂😂 and I am going to look and feel amazing
— Josephine