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I met Debbie and the ladies from Ootra last summer on a Tuesday when they stopped by in person to talk to me about a Pop Up and Fashion Show event. I was curious, intrigued & excited about the concept. It sounded fun, unusual and something that my clientele would definitely participate in. 

Two days later the Pop-Up was up and Debbie and her team were there practicing merchandising magic!

I didn't know what to expect, but as they began their process of putting it all together, we were all excited about the vibe created and impressed with the professionalism and the ease in which they went about creating this great event on site.  The designs, the displays, their energy and their passion were awesome and the event was an immediate success.

My property, which includes a restaurant, the Dancing Cat Saloon and a Distillery, the Catskill Distilling Co.,  is located in Bethel, NY across the street from the  original Woodstock Site. I am always looking for events that are energizing and will attract my clientele. This one was perfect and all facets of the event were taken care of and planned by Ootra, leaving me lots of time to enjoy and prosper from the event that they created here.

The weekend was filled with shopping and my clients coming in to shop, eat, drink, and prep for the finale Sunday "Cats on The Runway" Fashion Show. Ootra decided to lay out oriental rug runners onto the field for the runway. I had over 28 women and men who volunteered to be dressed and walk! It was engaging, exciting and most importantly my clientele loved the night. 
A summer night under the setting sun, live music and a bonfire finale!

The team was professional, courteous and easy to work with. Seamless and adaptable to every person who came to shop.  They immediately build a rapport with everyone they meet. Ootra spins quite the magic with clients as they walk in and make people feel good!  

In addition, their social media skills are well developed, which made it easy for me to share and create a buzz before, during and after the event.

Following the success of the first event, I had them come back to do two more events in 2015, and I will be planning more for 2016.  

Innovative and professionally executed. I highly recommend working with them. It is a boost for your business and an easy way to deepen customer loyalty and interact with your clientele.

Sincerely written by,
Stacy Cohen