There’s always that moment in the day where I have an “I don’t want to...” And like a gentle whisper... There’s you... Tired and spent at times and even just fresh from a Herculean fight —- plodding forward, onward with an optimistic spirit and a blue puff of some material and a can do attitude! Oye I love you so much —- you inspire the soul not with a hammer but w your smile, your perseverance , your life and the truest love there is! To go boldly where no man has gone before!!! To give us all a momentary kick in the pants w/yes you can and you will while feeling and looking great...I love you 😘
— Josephine
Ootra is Life 👍 I’m so happy to have found my fashion home and heart 😎 have the best nite ever!
— K
The amazing bit was there were not a lot of people coming in... But those that did... Were there on a mission. A gorgeous soul was there because it was a special moment/a high school reunion and she wanted to feel spectacular! She left beaming. Another because she could not NOT have that Ootra bag she had been eyeing and left with a sigh and that contented “I’ll be back...I love it here” ‘twas a cold day and Ootra hugged their soul :)
I have to tell you I have 100’s of posts I look at daily and yours is the only one that motivates me and makes me smile - form your videos to pictures - just LOVE!!!
Thank you for that.
Thank you posting your inner thoughts on FB....reading about what goes on in your noggin or spending time with you always helps me understand my wife a little better...sometimes it just helps to see the same qualities in someone else to grasp it...thank you for that and all you do! you
— G
I wanted to let you know that i wore the blue pocka dot skirt/black shirt/black tights and black shoes yesterday (should have taken a phote) and my husband said i looked nice when i got home from work. he hasn’t given me a compliment in YEARS! It made my day...THANK YOU!
😘 I love you...every single competitor has merchandise... None have style or understand the core Ootra ... Styling the person. Loving the person and exposing their strength and beauty—- banishing their fear and encouraging each one to fly. No room for fear...heart and soul time and I know you have that in spades! I will do everything I can to support you—- I promise. And tonight w the gals... Core Ootra rises from illusion and perceived ashes!