Welcome to First We Eat! 

I am Courtenay Hawvermale and I am that person at lunch asking what we should do for dinner. When on vacation I plan activities around restaurant locations. When I'm working I'm constantly distracted by the fear of not having time for a second lunch (yes, second lunch is definitely a thing... right?). Basically no matter the day, location, or hour, I'm always declaring "Wait! First We Eat!" 

I am recently married to the wonderful and patient Nick Hawvermale and I'm usually just cooking for the two of us so most of the recipes I post will be for 2 servings (2 large servings). 

My mom/THE ootragirl raised me on the "candy jar theory." We had many jars of candy in the kitchen and could eat as much as we wanted (I think they were there for her more than us kids) and magically I don't like sweets. So my dessert posts will be rare, but I do live with someone who enjoys a cake or cookie every once in awhile so I do have some desserts up my sleeve! 

Hoping to bring that ootra'flare into your kitchens,