Reality #BehindTheScenes



The truth that's behind the shots on social media!

Let's get real guys. We can't help but feel a pang of envy, jealousy, frustration or even wanting to scream at the pictures and people.

But the truth is Not IN the photo

it is actually...around the corner NOT revealed to the public.

Our job as social media mavens is to make everything look effortless and click, edit just THE right shot.

During the clicking there are words, directions, frustrations and a craziness.

Revealed below.

The editing i do ,just clears up the pic and brightens. I don't believe in changing my face or body. It is what it is.

I shoot and edit all with my IPhone.

The fact is my laptop died three years ago and have never once missed it.

I am on the GO and do everything in my phone!

This past week as i documented our trip to Texas and back i was sick. The fact: I would do everything to muster a great shot as i was wheezing. A box of kleenex, mucinex and a hot tea in hand!

Two weeks ago i posted a pic of me knitting and said Blissful Afternoon. Well, The truth was my girlfriend was in pain i took her to the ER and then ran to take her dogs to the kennel and back to the hospital. It was a 5 hour day of driving filled with anxiety and a pending Nor'easter.

What Appears Fantastically Fabulous is Never The Whole Truth!

But, seriously isn't that how life is?

People sum up people on appearance!!

A whole other topic i will tackle later this week!

So, what's the point?

Relax, breathe and enjoy the photos as art NOT a lifestyle you're missing!

My stories are not unusual this is how Life is. Reality Behind The Scenes.

No need to have anxiety of missing out.

#Fomo No need to lust after someone's life!

No worries, envy or jealousy please.

Everyone is human. And every single person has their own pain, trauma and fabulous moments!

Shine up your Smile,

Click on your Heart Light Glow!

Love Completely

Live Effortlessly and

Hug Always!!!

Click "Like" with Love.

Watch Social Media as you would a TV show! Become Inspired. and Enjoy the Fantasy!




pointing to where i desired the click📷


too far away and not enough energy, but finally at the right angle. i had to get him #PoorPeter stoop down to get the look i had in my mind! 


wrong angle and def not getting whole shot..i was just about to say forget it..let's go...