Challenge Yourself&Ignite

When i put together #PopUp events, Teach or help businesses improve. I can tell immediately who will push beyond their limitations and those who will just have a nice journey.

99.9% will have a nice journey.

I say SEIZE the Fear of the Unknown!! 

Unfortunately, The signs are all too familiar. MEDIOCRITY it's  in their voice, their style, their ego, their lack of CURIOSITY, the way they listen, and absolutely in How they take advice&criticism.

They shuffle in. They are there But NOT present.  They slump, They're murky and truly need to exfoliate their mind and life! They need an espresso for life!

Most think they want to change, transform and get better, but truly they only want to maintain and will pretend to listen but not make a change.

Their ego gets in the way.

Most would rather complain and be offended.

Its easier not to make changes. Or say they can't afford to buy the correct item for display. I say you can't afford NOT to purchase. You either do it right or don't bother. Details matter!

EVERYONE should be hungry for ideas and investigate change.

Truth: Life is filled with a bunch of failures which ultimately become incredible  lessons to build upon.

QUIT pretending to be the best

and actually become FABULOUS at learning, failing, listening and improving.

BECOME a community and help each other.

Investigate, become curious and GROW with me. I challenge you to FAIL to your next step!!

Its a BIG world out there waiting to be discovered! Learn to love to CLIMB and to TUMBLE down. 

-Tireless Debbie Jagel