It's NOT about the #RunWay

What is #NYFW?

Not the runway shows.

It's all about the #StreetStyle


We really get a chance to push our closets!

Have fun! Get dressed daily! and Be amongst our own!!!

We are birds of style who get to flock together

and show our

#EyeForDetail and complete confidence!!

WHY? I push you?

I dislike seeing you blend in.

I get sad that you fall into a routine.

I get frustrated your confidence doesn't allow you to push the envelope.

There is no age

no body shape that shouldn't revel in excitement of being ALIVE!!

Share every ounce of your individuality and smile! Feel your energy boost!

SHARE with the world!!

LIFE is about pushing and creating your very own distinctive footprint!

For you!

your children!

and your family!

Feel every breath. Smile as you #DressForTheDay and feel blessed you ARE Awake!!! Aware!!! And Blessed!!!!

I LOVE that you think me quirky, unusual and out there.

Try to keep up it's not easy!!

But, definitely a fun adventure.

Remember there are no boundaries!

other than what's inside of your head.

So STOP worrying about #TheOthers

and bring that glow back

share with the world!

Starting Today!