The Style We Share

Our team does not  believe in Trend.  We defy season. We make sure your wardrobe goes to the farmers market THEN we teach you to spin it to a cocktail party!

We want you to walk into your closet and look at it with new eyes, as if it's a box of crayons and anything can happen! New vision brings endless possibilities! 

How do we choose? keeping you relevant!

Here are our key thoughts when buying:

Material: most important. Fluidity matters.

Does it move with you? Is it soft? Is it effortless? Do you feel like you're not wearing anything?

Architecture: The cut, the design makes or break the piece. We each have our very own beautiful body and each of us require very different cuts to shine! We respect this and know how to create your very own glow.

The Nuance: There is always a reason why we purchased for the store. The history of the trickle down from the runway. A beautiful vent. A sewing detail, a button, a collar, something captures us making it a worthy choice for the store.

Price: We realize not everyone is crazy like Debbie. Shopping with her at market is a whirlwind. Price is last question.

When the rep says, •Let me show you the top sellers." Debbie just walks the other way. 

So we try to keep things affordable yet unique so you feel the

deliciousness of drinking in the design.

Sometimes there's an over the top piece and we just have to do it.

This season's? The embroidered reversible bomber jacket.

The #MustHave for your closet collection.

Our main goal is #RealGirl Style creating a glow within you. Our last three minute rule along with #DressForTheDay our mantra!

We crave igniting each of you beyond your perceived potential.

We adore each of you and love spinning your day!

You DESERVE our attention, any time, any day, any hour. We are here for you!

Make an appointment we can teach you the

#HowTo Transition to Autumn. Bring your fave pieces and let us create your #CozyChic Book now.


The Ootra Style Team