Never Wait For Perfection

If you wait til things are perfect you'll never get anything done.

A white blank canvas can be daunting but, such an exciting challenge #TheFirstMark .

What to do?

Do you feel defeated before you begin?

Don't know where to begin?

Just make the first mark!


What's the worst thing that happens?

Seriously, answer that.

It doesn't work? A mistake?

There are NO mistakes only discoveries.

And you can only make discoveries through your mistakes.

So click your iphone and post to Instagram. You don't have to wait for a camera.

Write your blog post and let the words out there! You don't need a computer.

Paint your heart out on as many pieces of paper of canvas as you have. Anything will do!

The point is:

We all have a habit of thinking I'll wait til the environment is perfect AND that will never happen.

I'll wait til I have solitude.

I'll wait for just the right time.

We make excuses.

The perfect studios/offices we see on Instagram they don't exist.

The perfect looking lives of others not real.

Cameras click on the best angles.

Quit being influenced by others.

Quit resenting. Quit feeling without because of those pics! or posts on social media.


Become inspired. Break the pics up and critique why you loved the shot! What does it trigger inside of you?

Begin so you can improve.

Begin so you can get on your path.

Waiting will not improve you.

Resentment will weaken you.

JUST pick up whatever you haven't and begin.

Be selfish.

Shut your phone off.

Take a walk return home and

Feel your creative.

Spark your inner magic.

Scream and loosen your voice up!

Click away!




Help yourself!

Feel your gratitude.

Jump in and get ready for a fabulous adventure! 

Quit thinking and just feel your inner joy!