My daughter says...

I have the energy of a lion.

The real answer it's a spirit that I embrace and drives me forward relentlessly with pure passion fueling me to see positivity comprehending risks but believing in surpassing the potholes! Understanding the glow of daily gratitude and seeking the "aha" moment within your eyes.

I crave being the one to make mistakes to grow and feel the pain of missteps to the next wrung on the ladder.

Sadness is not my enemy but my awareness of the depth of my soul I draw upon for my creative.

When I feel it creeping in, I throw a movie on and begin to draw and write. I know right there within my reach is something fabulous.

You must be completely raw, vulnerable and open to actually create.

I embrace my uniqueness and know where I'm going. The unknown awaits for me within my goals. The mistakes the sidesteps I take are teaching me what I'll need where I'm going.


Forget it. Tired for me

is the result of over pushing, learning, expressing and sharing. And that is a fabulous gift!

I am energized by every meeting and activity. They are my challenges to this life I have been gifted.

I will never waste a moment.


The Big picture is all I focus on!

The result is more than I could ever imagine.

I am on a fabulous ride ready for anything I have my map for reference But aching for off road adventures!!

All I can say to each of you.

Enjoy imperfection

Revel in your mess

Quick resenting others

Focus on love,family and sharing, compassion,teaching and smiling!

Feel gratitude daily and reach beyond your norm.