Do you Have "It"?

Tireless? Passion?


What does that mean?

Me collapsed unmoving in bed. Head spinning unable to filter the day. Emotionally drained from switching conversations, depleted energy from transitioning from each person place and thing. Psychologically drained from listening, absorbing all the stories from the day and yet advising,creating and being everything to everyone and guiding all. Seeking answers, solutions and fixing continually.

Anticipating the needs of everything.

Thank god for my team, my family,

my friends!

My friends? are what other stores call clients but ours are passionate friends who we love adore and would do anything for.

There is never a person who walks in who we wouldn't know. Yet, if someone did? We would "know" them after five minutes. We sit we talk, the clothing a secondary thing to us.

Our brand is filled with familiarity and LOVE!

This IS being an entrepreneur!

This is how we roll!

This is the life I choose rather than a cubicle and no control.

I am the control panel.

I am the one who charges the scene.

Our team takes my energy lead and runs spreading the 💥Spark!

The gift to me? My team is now independent of me. They are doing it all. I have tears writing this! They have the brand and are running it. Growing it. Doing it. Living it. I saw it and felt it yesterday for the very first time!  They were so fluid. They were a ballet!

I was so proud and felt my release! 

Time away? That is spent thinking, creating being ahead of all. But working every day without overload.

An entrepreneur Does Not need a break away from everything. There is no shut off valve. No matter what you're doing where you are there are sparks! I guess the relevant way to explain! My mind is a LIVE version of that Pokemon go game. You may be looking in your phone for one of those things, but my mind is alive seeing ideas on the street daily!

My every day is visually just like that! AHA moments of vision. on the street. Seeing what's not there.

A creative,thinking mind needs quiet spaces, and moments which allow the ROOM

to birth of spark!

As great art gifts the viewer

Space to process the art

space to ponder and connect. Movement .

I gift myself the space to grow to enlarge the path to envision what will be. Strategy time and  growth for next move. But every day is filled with ideation and meetings and possibilities. My journal grows. My responsibility to myself, my family, my team, my dreams, my vision.

I love opening my eyes today and everything in me shouts do not move!

This IS a sure thing that I did everything I possibly could yesterday! And the best part?

As I assess the day I KNOW

My whole team was a smooth running fluid family effortlessly running, grabbing, showing, sharing, fulfilling and quite the ballet!


Want to be an entrepreneur?

Get ready to feel pushed beyond your known capacity and wake up feeling like you just ran a marathon.

And yet, today is a new day to begin again!

You're never done.

There's no ceiling.

Theres no end.

You just go go go!

Your body catching up with your mind that's brimming with ideation and opportunities!

Which way to go and so much excitement!

What's next?

Here we go!!!