Entrepreneurial Mindset

Never whine..

True entrepreneurs never do!

As fourth generation entrepreneur whining is not in my DNA.


Appreciation of failure, frustration i didn't anticipate, how do i recalculate? and solve?

What's the next move? All in my thought process.

Sadness? absolutely but again, why would I ever whine? I take time for tears almost daily, but I find answers in my tears. Then I stop and remember:

If I'm following my passion, every moment is truthfully my gift. No matter what it brings.

To know I am in charge of my success and failures! I CHOOSE daily what my day can be.

When I see  people complaining because something isn't working or their "likes" are down or stating "I'm not where I want to be."

Well, Wake-Up and realize that UNsettled feeling is

the TRUE mark of an entrepreneur! The edge is where we live. The uncomfortable our thrill!

I personally assess myself and my strategies multiple times a day.

My focus is strong business foundation always.

Please don't focus on the WRONG thing.

Realize, Nothing should go as planned. We are not in HS anymore and "likes" do NOT judge success ever! Though for me they never did. 

Wasting time cleaning up a "feed" would be like throwing away the early works of an artist.

Quit looking behind!

Stay focused on what's ahead: forward thrust!

Entrepreneurial mindset is on the BIG picture not the minutiae of each day.

The losses today or this week become the learning curve the stepping stones for tomorrow.

Allow messy, the failures, the tears but never whine you can't get it all done. No one can. That's life. That's being an adult. That's being an entrepreneur!

We ARE never done

Never perfect

Never complete

and always

UNsettled happily,

We walk the edge

The thrill of growth and defeat!

Embrace it

Never fight it

and you will be surprised!

When creating and building if you try to FORCE it, results will not be easy.


and enjoy the process!



Break your habit: Looking behind. 

Break your habit: Looking behind. 

Choose the rocky path instead of the smooth, easy. More growth awaits! 

Choose the rocky path instead of the smooth, easy. More growth awaits! 

Remember one step at a time! 

Remember one step at a time!