Happy Holiday Weekend!

The anticipation of a long weekend holiday.

Family time FUN!

A long weekend holiday anticipated excitement, activities, style, entertainment, hanging out, games and fireworks!

Fireworks the culmination of the holiday an ignited colorful summer evening sky filled with pops of art.

The table decor, the serving pieces, the deliciousness of your family food traditions all ready to go!

Pack for your getaway in style!

Shorts, white pants, a stripe or two! A bit of red, white and blue.

A bathing suit, a tank top and your fabulous accessories!

A beach cover up, scarves and tees! An easy swingy dress, sandals and converse. A great book and a few magazines to share. Bring a packet of happy straws and you're ready! Ooh a great lipgloss and lipstick too.. or a few.. I think my bag has 10!

Remember your hostess gift. Always polite beyond expectations! Even if it's for you.

Remember holidays from the past and bring forward things you loved and your warm memories.

Whenever with family , be tolerant, loving, patient, compassionate. Listen with love.

If needed take a walk and breathe. Then step back into the fun and craziness.

Take walks, read your books, have an intimate conversation, Just sit alone in quiet, try a recipe you've never done before. Create a fresh new cocktail. Take a nap.

At sunset go take a silent canoe ride. Listen to the paddle as it slides through the water! See the bugs flying so close to the surface. Watch  the water change colors as the sun begins to set.

Silence on the water is a special calm, only natural sounds so exquisite. Hear it?

Look around and take it all in.

This is the moment now! A chapter within your life is happening this moment. Open your eyes and see.

Open your ears to hear beneath the surface noise. Let the new memories seep inside. Open your mind to ALL.

Enjoy. Remember:

Nothing is ever PERFECT!

Quit seeking it and you will become more settled. The weekend I promise will be messy!

You will get mustard on your shirt, your white pants will get a stain on them. You will trip on a rock. The meals timing will be off and the grill will get too hot!

But, seriously?? Who cares!

Ooooh, someone will drink too much and the guys will play their games way too long into the evening JUST Let It Go!

Let the peace within

bubble up to the surface of your mind. Look around at everyone's faces and smile. Let the dishes go and just enjoy the happening surrounding you!

Happy Fourth of July❤️🇺🇸💥🎉❤️

Love to each of you!

Embrace your family, friends and every moment.

Be safe.