My Essential Oil Habits

Essential Oil Habits..

The world of essential oils made simple by me.

The world has made oils so complicated with too many combination options and impossible to choose. Many have carrier oils added to them. Ours do not.

Truly, there are only two oils needed for your daily life and energy.

Lavender, A soothing, peaceful oil. This will bring calm to the end of your day. A drop or two in your bathroom right onto the tile is a fabulous way to breathe in serenity, while you brush your teeth. Feel your body begin to relax.

My secret tip: I add a drop onto my headboard of my bed. A wonderful inhale as I drift off.

Peppermint, An energizing oil that brings clarity, positivity and a zip to your step. In the morning I add a drop or two onto the shower wall.

I put on the back of my neck for my sore muscles. You won't believe how it works!

And best yet My secret tip:

I put on the vent of my car while driving, filling the car with exciting energy.

Other uses, If you burn yourself in the kitchen apply a drop.

If you have any itchy bug bites put a drop on your bug bite!

If congested apply to your chest and feel the warmth and open your breathing.

If feeling nauseous breathe in and calm the feeling.

Be extra careful applying Please wash your hands, do not rub your eyes.

 Both Lavender and Peppermint are fabulous as bug repellent too!

There are so many positive uses read up and enjoy!!

Our oils are pure, no carrier oil, and so potent.

The oils are 10. each.