When You Do The Opposite.

Why we made the decision to go off the grid with the brand is an easy answer, but an unexpected one.

Most brands crave world domination, mass coverage and notoriety. It is a template followed by most start ups and is #TheWay

We realized in the last two years we did not crave the mainstream.

We worked best alone away from the crowd.

We did not want to stay on the front page of the main street.

We realized and discovered our natural niche.

The "aha" moment was right in front of us and once realized our stress immediately diminished.

It was a peaceful solution which seemed so right, yet

going in what seemed to be the wrong direction like a salmon swimming upstream.

But, so true to my nature, and what I have done with every company I have owned.

Why I had fought my natural rhythm?

I cannot give an explanation.

When we moved our storefront around the corner away from the hustle bustle behind a locked door.

We regained control of our business

and minimized wasted energy.

We now could focus on our existing  clients and their specific needs. Our Buying for Ootra became effortless we could customize and deepen our purchases.

Always better to have fewer potent clients than try to please the world.

In this day and age what is missing in retail true personal service, engagement and creation of real relationships.

The peace, the luxury, the treatment that every purchase is special . That each one of our clients matter and becomes a friend.

Shrink a business to become larger with fewer pressures and have more enjoyment. Retain what you are passionate about within your brand.

Of course I personally love when I deviate from the expected norm. I adore creating buzz. Being an enigma is my way.

Going off the grid was SO what I do ...and seeing the reaction of others made me truly laugh.

Sorry you went out of business

What are you doing now

Such a shame

blah. blah. blah.

The various statements abuzz reinforced our move.

All that really matters to us?

Our clients.

Taking care of our clients beyond comprehension.

Our overhead way down.

Our VIP Club our passionate L❤️VE.

When you wonder what your next move is, STOP LISTEN and

do the unexpected and stay true to you!

Your vision, as an entrepreneur is your fire! Keep the flame burning and do what's right for you.