Love is everywhere for you. It is in your details throughout the day. It is a pride you have for yourself. It is within your face and your smile. Love surrounds you.

Just open your mind, body and soul and you will feel it's warmth.

Love begins with you. And everything you do within a day.

Whether you're alone or surrounded by family love exists.

Love is pure. Love is simple.

Love is a gentle continual pulse of joy and a blanket of warmth.

Right now sit for a moment and think of the joy you are surrounded by the bright glow of happy from within. The blessing of life, your being here, and all the gifts you possess to create whatever your mind can conjure up.

True, there are challenges in our days, in our months and years. We experience loss, challenges and sadness. But, it is within each of these occurrences that love holds us up. Love of ourself is our foundation to everything.

Love and respect of ourself, our confidence, how we navigate through our set backs and times when we feel depleted.

Love is our fuel.

Our love comes through and kicks us in the butt.


Our foundation of strength within our home, our family.

We, as the parent teach our children daily how we react to everything. They take our cues for life. Our home reflects all. Our children reflect us.

Everything we absorb and involve within emanates our actions, our love.

So when you are sad or feel without ..stop and see the selfish ego pushing your heart and love to the side.

Breathe and close your eyes and allow your heart to burn that much warmer and see the magic that surrounds you and the blessings in that moment.

No matter where or what you have there is so much goodness that is right in front of you.

Create your own happy daily. Simple ways mean the most. Begin your day filled with gratitude for what is right in front of you.

Love who you are right now.

Love everything you have accomplished to this moment.

Think of what you HAVE and not of what you don't.

Love is the basis to a fulfilled life.

Your respect, your foundation, your confidence, your sight!


You are never alone when filled with love.

Anything can be accomplished. Believe.❤️