What you're saying without knowing.

Stop right now and give yourself a #OnceOver what's the first thought that comes to mind?

positive? negative?

What #ShouldHave or #CouldHave you done to look better?

Then the justification excuse.

"I'm just running here" "I didn't have time" or something.



If an excuse is about to come out of your mouth, then you need to reassess your closet! Your way of grabbing and go!

Styling yourself is the start button of your day. Your excitement, your get up and go!

If your closet scares you, If your closet doesn't have obvious easy style to grab, then you are buying wrong.

You are choosing wrong.

You need to reassess and analyze your buying habits.

The first step to feeling fabulous and making things happen begins with the ingredients found within your closet.

It's like your pantry filled with necessary items to create meals.

The choices should be easy to see, easy to wear, be able to be mixed into casual, dressy, stylish and chic.

Now you're saying, but I don't go anywhere and I want to be comfortable.

Again, then you're purchasing wrong. Your closet no matter the style should be comfortable.

I can wear a dress, a skirt, pants or shorts and be just as comfy in any of those looks.

Last but not least. What are you saying with the sweats, well your yoga pants? You're  messy "I don't care" "it's ok to be sloppy" "sweats go everywhere"

Then when your children grab a hooded sweatshirt and sweats to school how can you say anything? You're in your version of it. Who's influencing who?

Their excuse, everyone wears these. My words would be, "how embarrassing why oh why would you want to blend in and not be you?" seriously?

You are the head of your house.

Take control of your wardrobe. and everything else will begin to surprise you.

Back in high school my dad insisted I do parties where the kids had to dress up. Why?

He told me this truth.

When you dress up, you stand taller, you are more attentive, and you act calmer.



When I see the kids today walking around in their sweats, I am truly appalled.

No creative. They look dirty. They look tired. They look apathetic.

My children never even asked to wear that in public.

Messy style never even crossed their minds, they were always dressed and READY for anything.

They knew we could run into clients anywhere or well.. Life happens when running with me, anything can happen.


as my dad always said:


This way you don't EVER have to apologize for your look!





Add a scarf to a cozy sweater

Add a scarf to a cozy sweater

The scarf adds a bit of depth to your simple sweater yet is comfortable and creates #ICare to your look. 

Blazer secret

Blazer secret

Discover blazers/jackets that are soft pliable material and wear like a sweatshirt but looks more put together.

Shorts can be styled

Shorts can be styled

Hot day? Wear your shorts just add an unbuttoned maxi dress as a vest and add a simple bandana scarf around your neck.  A good shoe always makes you look more styled! Pay Attention To Details.