#JustDoStyle Always!

(How do you get inspired?)

Hopefully from everywhere!! Always keep your eyes open and look around. See the colors, the lines, the draping, the architecture and #TheDetails make or break it. The seam, the hemline, the zipper, the button.
These finite details are the marks of #TheArt embedded within. I find myself buying an exquisite piece because of the button. The art of a single button can make my heart skip a beat. Truth!
When one is addicted to style, and shopping it is such an exquisite "high" a burst of energy a spark! Discovery of a treasure on the rack!
I'm not an online shopper. I definitely need to touch, to feel, to see, to try and IMAGINE!! Where will this design take me? I have a very full life in my head. A fantasy of happy scenes filled with exotic places and treasures of delight that I need ALOT of clothing to fulfill.
I never buy just to buy! Ever! I love the process. I love the silence. I love the narrative in my head. The "yes..#DoIt" girl on one shoulder The "no..#Dont" girl on the other.

Another truth: I can justify anything.

Anything I choose that I desire to bring into my closet #MustHave a history, a reason, a magic!
One Last Warning!!! Never Ask Where Will I wear it?

This is the most UNIMPORTANT question ever ! Unnecessary! Seriously stupid!

When I hear someone ask this in my store, I rudely interrupt and say Stop It! This IS not what fashion is about! When you discover style perfect for you and you feel great in it, that's your answer!
Your Style can never be time sensitive or place required! Just Wear It! Put It On! Anytime! Anywhere! #JustDoStyle Always!!!


ootragirl 💋 

The happy feeling of #WhatWillBe

The happy feeling of #WhatWillBe