#HowTo Travel Like an #OotraTravel Team


This is easy to answer!  Impulsively . They pick a destination. Tyler researches finds the nooks and crannies, places to be, and the rest just falls into place. Tyler has a gift for discovery of magic for any location.

Living life joyously is to truly be impulsive ,inspirational and accepting of impulsiveness.

No schedule and just let things  happen,nudge you in the right place! The best lesson to learn.

Discovery of the true art of living is so beautiful when there is space to allow things to appear for you!

But, you must leave SPACE to expand,grow, explore and enjoy!

Our team took off for Nashville this morning had a great time driving. They have shared their photos of their journey so far. And now are off to have an elegant #kickoff to their evening at the Hermitage Hotel.

I am excited to see where they end up tonight and what's on their list tomorrow.

Wherever the wind blows they will float, taking photos and soaking up the inspo, through their stylist eyes.

When you choose a trip to enjoy the scene it's quite peaceful. Try it sometime without an agenda. A wish list of ideas, a book of answers and an open mind. A trio of friends ready to investigate, click and be joyful!

Enjoy my #OotraTravels Team pics and Have a great evening!!




Toasting the beginning of their First Evening in Nashville! 

Toasting the beginning of their First Evening in Nashville! 

Let the giggles begin! 

Let the giggles begin!