The Stylist Dance

To be a true stylist is to have style flowing through your blood.

This is not something you learn.

Or say, I'm going to become a stylist.

This is a gift that people notice about you as you grow up. They will begin to ask you for advice, because of how you dress. They begin to dress differently if they're going to see you.

You can not learn this process it is a "calling" within your blood. It is an art process you possess. It is a confidence, a psychological understanding and an intuitive healing gift you share.

It is not a recipe book filled with trends and season it is an instinctual fulfillment shared with the world.

It is an art, a vision, an ability to see what's not there. It is the capability of knowing if it will work on your client without trying it on. To be able to control the choices to narrow them down. To be able to see the results/the wins/the fails prior to physically making them.

The vision to set forth success in a dressing room instead of random results.

You create confidence through each positive result of the "try on" for your client.

The true understanding of your clients looks, the unspoken word and through all, builds trust, and amps them up. Creating their very own personal story their style voice .

The ability to say "no, you may not put that on" or "you need to try this." Their needs to trust, a comprehension, an intellectual understanding,a respect.

The teaching of the history of #TheWhy this design, this architectural cut, this draping for their specific body type. Where did this cut originate from. Knowledge of ALL fashion history of style and design. My responsibility and value. 

Teaching teaching teaching... there needs to be understanding and the why. And confidence building through knowledge. 

There is no clock, there is an art of timing and knowing when to run no matter what time of night. The fulfillment, the refresh of their soul, their confidence and their mind.

The mimics are easy to spot and do not have the abstract ability to create art they put together costume copies from magazines that aren't suited for your personal self.

Trend is not what I chase, never have, never will. I have a magical closet of beauty, sculpture, materials and draping.

If you decide on hiring a stylist ask to see her closet and you will know in a heartbeat if she has the eye,the integrity and KNOWLEDGE!

I am your investment for the future so that your closet will be complete like mine. Timeless and beautiful to look at and easy to wear. I'm ready for anything anytime! 

Fashion, style, dressing is a gift you either possess or you don't. Mine began at birth and never ended. I am an artist. I am a designer. I am a model. I am an entrepreneur I am confident. I am well versed in all. I never lost the art of play. I JUST go all out! And try to get you back into the fun. I work with clients across the country. 

i never see size, shape or age! I see your glow your smile your love! That's what I style! Truth. 

My team and I make you smile again. 

always and forever. 




Dressed and Styled since the beginning! 

Dressed and Styled since the beginning! 

Tweaking, Teaching Explaing #TheWhy

Tweaking, Teaching Explaing #TheWhy

Easter way back.. my sister Diane designed and knitted my was marigold 

Easter way back.. my sister Diane designed and knitted my was marigold 

Teaching #HowTo walk the Runway even if it's bumpy ground in a field . 

Teaching #HowTo walk the Runway even if it's bumpy ground in a field . 

Wishing to wash away women's insecurities everywhere ! 

Wishing to wash away women's insecurities everywhere !