What Is #NYFW really about?


It truly is the very best #StreetStyle in one place in NYC over an extended week.


The exotic, the far reaching, the understated, the sophisticated, the crazy all in one place.

The streets are filled with perfectly curated looks from all of our fashion lovers, bloggers, photogs from around the globe. The peeps we follow on Instagram and other platforms.


The energy is palpable.

The view is saturated with #eyecandy to people in fashion.


We cannot get enough of the styled looks. We all are clicking each other's pics and gathering around discussing our favorite trends, materials, ideas and inspo. Well, honestly not all want to talk some are shy some are aloof and others like my team are all too happy to pose and discuss everything!


The runway shows?

They are in a state of flux. The focus, the invites, the attendees, is changing. The shift is a strong one.

The actual shows are very dramatic, and exciting to watch. They take a long time to file us in and find your seat. Then the show begins, the flashes are numerous, the music loud, the looks dramatic! And in a matter of 10 minutes it's all over. Everyone files out. Over.


The front row is filled with stars and top fashion bloggers. The rest of the crowd are in the industry, PR, marketers, retail owners, writers, photogs, friends

or people who actually have purchased their seat.


The shows are becoming less important and the street is growing in strength. The people actually living and working hard within the industry.

The pop ups , the sponsors, the parties.


Hanging by the show entrance is just as exhilarating as having a seat. Actually being in the closest coffee shop is a great place to have relevant exciting conversations with others in the industry.


Fashion is a powerful world, and like everything else is dictated through money, shock and awe and star power. Each season it becomes less about the people in the field working and more about the top echelon exclusivity.


It has no impact on us. We used to attend a lot of shows and now I made the decision three seasons ago, we would stop attending the shows and just do the street.


Interview the people. Click their style of the day, and revel in the energy.

We have more fun, The girls have more freedom and we definitely get more inspiration,


NYFW isn't as much about the shows as it is the live action on the street amongst other instagrammers ,bloggers and photogs! All about the reality of the week!





@hillarykerr 📷#photocred fashion show.. #YSL

@hillarykerr 📷#photocred fashion show.. #YSL