Small Business

Bigger Is Not Better. Its time we get back to human interaction again.

My truth for my company Ootra. Smaller is more potent. We have more impact.

Where are you able to find a company that spends the time to train your daughter?

A company that cares to teach business principles and accountability.

Where the girls  actually put their phones down, learn to talk, engage and listen.

The #HowTo Style themselves appropriately for the day and comprehend the importance of dressing. Taking action for growing into the next level of action. High school to college expectations!

They learn the difference between craving to be liked by peers to being independent strong thinkers and creators. Entrepreneurs. Indidividuals who will make a difference and share their knowledge.

They know anything can be done through the power of thought and The action of Doing!

Ootra was developed to train young minds and create an environment that no other companies do today!

We are surrounded by Nationals, Big Boxes and Internet ordering. The environment is one in which our towns avoid human interaction. They dictate Bigger is Better! Lower prices rule. 

Rents escalate. And The Big Box Bland Style dominates.

We know the truth. Small business is a dying breed. Our towns are squeezing us out. We hang in there through sheer will and fierce belief through the good we bring to each person.

We do not choose the easy route. But we choose the path of most resistance yet the MOST powerful one of all.

Teaching. Loving. Caring. and Compassion.

At the end of each day whether we sold nothing or we had a good day.

Our team walks away knowing as we look over our shoulder smiling at our dimmed lights at Ootra.

WE made a difference in each other. Filled with gratitude.

WE remain true and filled with Belief that we will survive.

We know that our growth happens one person at a time slowly but with a depth that most will never experience.

We operate with old fashion traits. We listen. We do not push. We wrap your things beautifully and we deliver. We care. We want you to smile and feel better about your day.

I am filled with such gratitude for every day we are open and the souls we impact.

If you desire a true styling of your day come on in. Make an appointment or walk in. We are here ready to RE Teach your ability to grab from your closet!

Debbie Jagel


4th Generation Entrepreneur

Always swimming Upstream