Why Instagram?

Ii say you MUST have your eyes closed!

This summer: Fact:

Discovered on Instagram

Hired to cover an evening barn party.

Through that party i met so many beautiful people from the area.

The next day.

I followed up.

I posted. I shared the pics with the host of the party.

I watched FB and friended everyone who was there. Linked in. etc.

I have become friends with most.

Since, that night, i've been invited to 5 more gatherings. Run into many at farmer markets and have created a wonderful circle of friends.

My feed did this for me.

This last week i was approached by a company that features pop up spaces online. We are now collaborating on a few business ideas.

My feed did this for me.

Why instagram?

That's why.

You never know.

Questions to ask yourself?

What message is my feed saying?

What do i want to accomplish?

What is my end goal?

Are my images worthy?

Assess daily.

Quit worrying about likes, followers

Post high quality

Post cohesive message

Be consistent

Engage with high integrity.

Track your results

Forget official analytics. In fact ignore!

Have your own built in metrics

Most of all ENJOY!

Believe me if you force it

everyone will know

If you're desperate everyone will sense

If you're too manufactured you lose it!

Above all. Be YOU!

Let your personality and passion out!

Let us see you through your captures!

Let us peek into your life!

Relax and over click. I average approx 75 images a day. The more you click the better your eye becomes. The better at filters you become!


A clear concise feed with beautiful imagery to pull from.

I never plan my feed.

My beat of my life is not planned and perfect EVER!

I get busy

or i don't feel like an image.

My feed is my true moment to moment feel.

Nothing planned contrived or calculated.

It's in the moment. How I choose to Live.

Now go click away and have fun.

I have grown my feed over 35k in 10 months you can to.  Inquire at ootragirl@gmail.com

 -Debbie Jagel