Choosing to follow your dream, to create a brand.

No one else will "Get You"

Very few will appreciate your vision for your adventure.

In fact many will criticize you. Many will be negative.

And that probably is one of the hardest things about being an entrepreneur.

You have chosen the hardest path, yet the most exhilarating, raw, intense journey. You will feel every moment and definitely feel so isolated, so alone and very misunderstood many  times.

You will become a fighter, defending every action step taken. Every expense examined and many visionary desires for your brand unfulfilled.

You will question yourself daily. You will wonder what, why, and omg how did i get myself into this?

Yet, you will have so much joy in the choosing of controlling everything about developing this vision from within.

You will have more energy than you have ever felt! You will work more hours than actually exist in a week, BUT for you and your vision!

Every step you take that strengthens the brand becomes such an achievement.

One day you will wonder how did you do it?

But for now you're grinning ear to ear! Giddy knowing you are creating your dream and following your vision! Your self fulfillment and pride immense.

Despite all the negativity that surrounds you in this world PLEASE create a shield.

Ignore. Let it bounce. Their comments have nothing to do with you. It is their dissatisfaction with their life. It is their chain they have placed upon themselves.

Every negative comment is truly a compliment if you realize this.

Fact: Most are not brave enough.

So Let out a big YAAAY!! for yourself your bravery and your FIRST steps towards building your brand!

"There are no failures only a learning curves that strengthen your brand"

It all is in What do you do when you hit that rock? Calmly go around.

"There are no mistakes only discoveries."

"Step by step. Discovery after discovery.

Sheer willpower, fabulous exhaustion and an unstoppable vision.

Life As An Entrepreneur."


~Debbie Jagel

4th generation entrepreneur

Always seeing what's not there

You CAN Do This! 

You CAN Do This!