What you "should" see or feel.

What you're "supposed" to do

What is expected of you vs.

What your intuition is shouting!

Seriously guys. STOP

Listen and See.

Those exercises of seeing the details that surround you

The point is to AMP up your intuitive abilities!

To learn to swim upstream.

Walk the wrong way.

Go IN the exit.

Sit outside and enjoy the first snowflake next to a fire instead of from behind a window.

Step out!

FEEL the chill.

Be vulnerable

LOVE criticism

and learn to squash it!

Become tireless through your passion DISCOVER your zest for life!

Kick routine in the butt

Shake it up!

Trust me when i say

The real magic of life will be revealed through the unexpected!

Over planning is for the person without imagination!

Belief is stronger than ability!

My mantra

Fierce intention fueled by passion

truth and belief! My reality.

Spread your wings guys and FLY!

It's a fabulous feeling!