Stop. Look. Listen.

Are you where you want to be?

The answer should be YES!

The question is simple

Are you in "this" moment?

Or are you wishing for another? in the future? Stop.


I am the biggest offender of this so I am writing to remind each of us and myself!!




I am so excited for this month and all it has to offer. I am happy to be in Naperville in our beautiful space . I love my team. I am so grateful for our friends (I dislike the word clients)

I ADORE the creation of our VIP.


I love where I am right this minute! My mind doesn't stop but the reality, that's life.

I just have to reign it in and harness the energy into the Now. The present.


So here I am sitting in my living room on one of the coldest days so far! Excited to get the day started. Loving my new boots and my outfit! It's hard I can't just go take a walk my hair is still wet.

But feeling blessed for today. I love our home, the coziness and warmth. I am energized to get to ootra and transform our space to Happy 2016!


As of today when you come into the store there will be a board to write on a post-it an #Ootrahappy for the day to share with the world.


You all know I'm very optimistic and intention oriented so my goal is to help EACH of us to remember and share this together!


Today please take an extra second while standing in line to enjoy the experience, of the line, the view, the style, the decor, the new conversation you might start.


Do not stand there thinking hurry up, looking at your phone wanting to already be five minutes in the future.


STOP. Look. Listen.

The basic crossing the street rules from kindergarten.


Stop. Look. Listen.

With Love.