Hello January!

This is one of my hardest months in fashion for me. I love snow , but Chicago is more of a high wind blowing ,wind chill and grey sky, "kind of girl". 

What to wear and still feel stylish?
Well, truth be told skier at heart that I am. My #GoTo becomes my chunky cashmere sweaters, my fleece lined leggings. A great boot, my fingerless gloves, a fabulous hat and a colorful lip!My favorite camel coat with a scarf completes my look.

I try to remind you in September to grab new coats, because this month is when your coat never comes off. Your coat becomes your everything. It is your #StyleOfTheDay !!
What's underneath your coat is irrelevant for most of your day, as you're running around.

What's important for your #streetstyle in January?
Your coat, scarf, hat, gloves, your bag, your lip, your sunglasses and your warmth beneath!

Have the ingredients but struggling with how to combine?#AskAway private sessions are available or just wander in.

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Stay warm, Come sit on the #couchofsilver anytime with us and try to #StumpTheStylist

See you soon