Shopping Voyage

It's my birthday week!  What to get me? My husband outdid himself this year!

He doesn't quite understand how? But, I LOVE shopping!!

Yes, I am in the clothing industry and continually surrounded with style, but I never have enough!


Design, fashion, style is my continual study, my archeological dig on a daily basis. Never based on season, nor trend. But, purely inspiration through texture material, touch and draping!


So... Peter surprised me and took me shopping yesterday afternoon and ignited my soul!!


I was giddy with excitement and could hardly wait to get to Oakbrook!


I love walking in and allowing the merchandising to mesmerize me, for a second, and then I begin to look.

I am a silent shopper.

I need no help . I know what I love and can tell by just a sliver of the reveal on the rack.


i think Peter was amused by me observing my process. My huge smile,when I'd find a treasure and my dancing of joy!


The very strange part for me, was thinking just about me.

I never shop purely for me.

I shop for my family,I shop for my clients and I continually search for everyone else but me. Truth.


It has been a long, long while since I spent a few hours submerged in shopping for me!


Shopping is like a spa treatment for me. It awakens every cell of my being. I feel so alive in the moment.

It is a social event as I talk after my choices have been pulled to every salesperson .

They always know I'm in the industry. I have a certain style about me. truth.


Shopping is not about trying to find something It is about allowing the treasure to be discovered. Let the magic of the hunt happen.


And shopping is a deep deep memory of my mom and dad. They are who trained me for marathon shopping. We could go forever never tiring seeking the unique.


So BIG hugs to #LuckyPeter and many kisses for knowing exactly what I needed to ignite ME during this January birthday week!


My message to you is if for some reason you dread shopping you're NOT doing it right!

I say this with all seriousness.


Shopping is a transportation of mind from reality to fantasy. It is a narrative within your head. A visualization of where the design can take you!


It is NEVER about logic.

Shopping is a luxury of all of your senses.


Come see me at Ootra and I will teach you "the art of the buy"

I promise you it sparks every cell of your body when done right!