One simple word.

Yet, quite a powerful "life" word.

Many adults seem to forget, and thus never reinforce within themselves nor their family.

It is so important to draw from deep . Belief is there, it really is within each of us.

Believe in, beyond the perceived reality and into the unknown,unexpected and what can seem like fantasy, will become reality.

Belief is intention.

Dig down, yes, some need to dig deeper than others. Sad to say so many of you have lost believing anything can happen!

Loss through reality of growing up,losing your belief in your incredible internal gifts.

I guess, reality of life takes over, our adult minds heavily weighted with schedules, work, trauma, stress, jobs, reality. Ugh.

How to navigate around?

My way?

I am the opposite of most.

I gain more childlike qualities daily!

I think it's because as life gets more difficult and responsibility deepens I seek my childhood feelings to keep my creative growing.

I cling to the happy in life. I teach resilience daily.

I show belief in myself from making magic out of nothing.

Life is effortless through the magic of belief. Dinner for 20? in two hours? no probs!

This is how we raised our children. Adventure of spirit through happy belief. You can do it!

Not too much effort! Think of HOW the guests will feel! This propels your action!

The adventure of what to eat, how to serve it. The table scene.

What fun!

I, also understand how silly worrying really is. Life is fleeting and you cannot stress the minutes away, that we have no control over.

You will miss the beauty of the day.

I try to infuse my happy,smiling outlook in life to as many people as possible.

Fact: A day is so much easier with a smile, an optimistic attitude.

It strengthens you against the negativity surrounding you throughout the day.

The words you use impact you your family and co workers.

The look you give

The way you look

The energy you emanate

all impacts your environment and people surrounding you.

Stir the magic of life.

I encourage you to try it. A smile is contagious !! And quite the strengthener!

Your day will be more enjoyable and you will feel better at the end of it.

Undoubtedly there will be someone you impact, that you will alter their day , the feeling for both of you will be so enlightening on so many levels.

I crave retention of childhood innocence, peace, and vision of sugarplums. Snowglobe sight. All glittery for everyone.

Watch elf and watch how he approaches the day. See his optimism feel your smiling face and attitude as you watch.

This is how I feel in a day!

I am here to help push boundaries, stir the magic and create WOW every single day!

Try to allow yourself to believe in fantasy, lightness, and fairy sprites. A gift to yourself. A personal treasure. A New Years Resolution perhaps?

I am filled with gratitude daily for my creative soul and mind. I thank my mom,dad and family for helping me daily with continual love and energy shining brightly!

I love my vision, it truly energizes me. It picks me up when I am in a fog, feeling lost.

I admire my strength, my belief, my intense drive even my sleepless nights.

Why? deep in the night in the silence I am able to write.

Believe me, as easy as I make it look, it is through my smiling attitude I push through . It's too easy to give up, complain, cry , blame others.

You are in control how you react, you can be glum and post on Facebook what a bad time you're having the struggles you face.

Or you can choose the sliver of happy in that bad day and focus on that instead!

Teach yourself your kids there's always sunshine every day but it's through you! yourself!

That's my style of life! My style of the day! Resilience, Perseverance through Belief!

Why not make it yours today?

The gift is to be able to "see" what CAN be, the positive.

Train yourself to "see"

Reveal what's right there in front of you.

Never focus on what you don't have, the negative ,the bad side That pattern. Erase.


Most people's mindset:

"I have to take a train to the city for work meetings today.Its going to be a long day"

My mindset:

"I get to take the train down to the city today!! I can't wait to watch the street style, who I might meet, and omg I get to see the Christmas Windows !!"

I "see" adventure and opportunity to an extraordinary day that awaits me!

To visualize opportunities/solutions you must create from within , expand your mind and your day!

This is belief in myself, which creates a confidence to do.







This all comes from belief!

This time of year .. Believe in the season. Seek the magic. Look at a child's face and try to remember what it was like to believe in the magic of spirit.

The hope of what can be. Optimism as your #GoTo

in your daily life.


ootragirl 💋