The Story Behind The Green Pant.


The why ,my signature #greenpant ? My #GoTo  pant. They really are my mainstream style. 

Yes I have a few pairs. No,no other colors. Just green. 

They actually feel like a sweat pant. They are my #GoHome pant. I feel closest to me while in them. I can wipe paint on them and by worry. They are disposable. 

they actually are my personal wearable canvas. 

When I feel it's time to re-charge,be creative, or even be invisible These become my choice of my day.

The beginning, years ago,when I enrolled at SAIC I immediately went to Neiman Marcus to buy my art pants. Yes, I know Neimans?That's what #poorpeter asked too♥️

But seriously..Where else would I have gone for my art pants? b4 Ootra? My fave store. All because of my dad. Another story another time. Promise.

I know many of you are smiling, shaking your heads and yet understanding ..that's me my way. My first pair of green pants 9 years ago $350

Yes, i still have them and wear them..

I wanted you all to have the chance to experience the #greenpant phenomenon besides if I wanted to wear into ootra I knew we needed to carry them too!

I shopped for #greenpants for you, for over three years trying to find the perfect pair. for you all, in varying styles and a great price.. And yes!! they were found this past year! Spectacular! Success!

Some of you have purchased others have held back, but I know eventually you all will try them on, and will feel  &comprehend the magic.

Words will never describe. If you own them share your experience of your #greenpants

i would LOVE to hear it! 



The debbie ootragirl signature #greenpant

The debbie ootragirl signature #greenpant