Happy Birthday Week.

This week is one BIG birthday celebration for Courtenay and Lauren! Our two company head leaders! 

They were born a couple of houses apart and have known each other all of their lives. The two girls are a balance to each other! They are often called sisters. The two of them have distinctively different styles, and yet share pieces of clothing.

They are adventurous and style saavy. yet are #RealGirls easily approachable. Court and Lo embrace life unafraid. They are independent individuals. They choose silence over frenetic crazy. (sometimes)

They adore dressing, pushing fashion and styling you. They share a contagious giggle, a dancing heart and love a fabulous meal.

They have grown together and expand the company with their vision and infuse all with enthusiasm and love for life! 

The two girls can be happily impulsive ready to roll! Always hungry, moody at times, which keeps me on edge. ❤️ 

I am honored that they choose daily to help lead Ootra into the future. They are our spark plugs, They are our energy. They are two beautiful hearts that share their pure love with you every single day. 

They are my daily smile. My two girlies that make each day FUN!  Kindness, gentleness, compassion and truth my team. LOVE!