The True Style Of The Holidays.



Family Love. Open your window and breathe in peace and stillness of soul.

Whether you are staying home, or traveling there is a small style list required.


Mind Style:

1) Patience



4)Childlike Vision


These will allow your long weekend together to be positive and fun. #OpenWindow 



This is every weekend at Merriewold our home in the woods, (LoveShack). I approach every visit there this way. I fill the candy jars, I buy glow necklaces &bracelets,I fill the cookie jar. The table gets decked out to my inner brain theme for the weekend.

The grocery list grows. The pantry overflowing. Ready for any wish,whim or desire!

This is the way we roll. We could have 6 for dinner or 18, either way we are prepared and excited.


The style spirit is giving, loving, embracing, fulfilling and peaceful. #OpenWindow


The holidays are meant to remind you of family and tenderness. It is a time when you can shut down. Lose the phone, watch a movie together with a big bowl of popcorn or fall asleep while watching. (me)

Forget the outside stress of work. Let it melt away. Focus on being in the moment. Actually being with the shenanigans of family. Love the quirks. Again, put the phone away. No need.


My recommended recipe for peace:

Buy a stack of magazines

even an enquirer 🌟

Bring your Ootra Lavender Oil

Lots of Socks

Cozy Sweaters

Sweater Coat for walks

Signature green pant

A great skirt and dress to layer

Slippers or ugg boots

A few scarves

A couple of gifts just in case

Your fave candy stash


The list obviously changes if you're going away to warmth.

But the main ingredient required

Lavender oil. Love. Patience. #OpenWindow


Most of all just remember have fun. Take walks. Be with your family. And toss away your lifeline to work. Imagine putting all that energy back into you and your family. This is what matters.


Family first.