What happens in our private styling appt with you? Part one:


When a client comes in to meet with us to discuss personal style, We immediately sit down together on our couch with a starbucks in hand to set all of us at ease. (We never begin with clothing). 

Styling, cannot happen successfully without getting to know each other . So we have fun and an intimate coffee party gabbing about anything and everything for awhile. We decompress together and allow the world to disappear.

After a bit, we ask you to

1)Describe your average day.

We want to know your personal day-to-day life routine.

Children,work, commuting,carpool,soccer fields,board meetings, hardships,frustrations,married,single, or dating . 

This information helps us to comprehend the energy you expend. The movement of the style, the comfort needed are important factors to us.

Our goal is that your clothing will create a feel of security.. a uniqueness. Most importantly, easy to grab and go, effortlessly.

Our next question:

2) What is your #GoTo outfit?

We ask this because we know it's probably going to be your jeans. These are simple to erase from your #StyleVocabulary

(Side note my dad never let me wear them)

These answers help our team  assess the unique needs of our client, and will narrow down the designs of the clothing we will begin to pull.  

No matter what we choose, for any event even just for day-to-day routine will always feel good. Guaranteed.