Say No to Jeans...Always!


Jeans, never!

This will be controversial to a lot of you! 

Truth, my dad never allowed me to wear jeans. He always had me #DressForTheDay in skirts or dresses. I get it now, but it was frustrating at times. Though seriously, if I ever tried jeans on, truthfully, they never fit at all. So, our #StylistTruth is never wear.

Ootra doesn't carry jeans. They are too common, expected and the jean does nothing positive for a woman's body. The denim adds a 1/4" in appearance to each leg. They widen, shorten and "block" out a woman's body. 

Often, when we go into a closet to re-style it. We discover old jeans, jeans that "used" to fit, and our client hoping to lose the weight. All negative vision first thing when you walk into your closet. The tightness, the uncomfortable alters your mindset from the moment you see, and walk past. First thing we do, move them faraway!

A skirt, or a dress adds "fancy" fun to your day. They make you feel thin, energized, and dressed!

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Isn't this how we should feel daily? Come on in and let us show you style outside of your jeans.