Stripes...Florals Seriously?



You've been seeing a lot of each of these designs all spring. But you probably hesitate, because of your body type and or age.


 Realize in fashion you have options. You can be all in. Or choose to do a little bit. Or completely opt out.

 I don't want you to miss out on the fun! Give it a chance. Let go.

All can be done within reason, and appropriately. Promise.

 Your style is in your control. You need to amp it up and freshen up your closet, just a bit. What to do?

 The easiest is #TheFloral. Most of you have a pretty solid color filled rack in your closet. Yes, you do. So, the easiest thing to do is add a dash of floral and a sprinkle of stripe to your closet.

 You've seen in the magazines big bold flowers emblazoned all over the designs. You're saying, "they're  models they can wear anything. When I try it on I look ridiculous."

First of all, you're not doing it right. Secondly, Too bold too fast will never work!

 Think sprinkles of blooms. The floral design can be introduced to your closet slowly by purchasing a simple skirt, cardi,a pant or even a purse. Just one piece.

 Hint: The architectural cut of the design of the article is as important as the material used. The cut has a power all on its own. Pay attention, see past the material design.

 Florals are playful, elegant and colorful. They will become your focal point of your #StyleOfTheDay

When choosing

Allow yourself to go a bit bolder than normal. My suggestions: a full skirt or short pant even a coat. These pieces are easy to build around and you can brighten or dull the floral pattern with your psychologically comfortable solids. The way you style #TheFloral will draw the eye in and be a hint of sophistication and confidence.

 #TheFloral will become one of your fresh favorites this season and you'll look back wondering what your hesitation could have been?


One of my favorites this season.

I fell in love with stripes early on. I love the challenge of pushing you beyond your safe solids.

 #ThePairing is the fun part. You need to let go of your inner voices, and allow the girl within you to burst out.

 Stripes will NOT make you look wider. They will not shorten you.

You need to observe the specific stripe and color.

 Choose your favorite skirt and pull the stripe shirt out of your closet and put IT on. Look at the dynamic you've just paired.

Just like the magazine pages! Where's the camera?📷

 The Art of #TheStripe is a magnificent thing. When done right.

Look for stripes that aren't equal lines, Look at the material the stripe is on. You want to choose your stripe wisely. The suppleness and uneven striping is your answer.

 A horizontal stripe well done will not add to your width. In fact an opposite effect occurs.

 If you fear #TheStripe, because of it making you look bigger. Stop and choose a striped shirt. This way you can slowly warm up to the idea.

 A simple striped tee can be worn under a sweater and just let the hemline pop out adding a hint of stripe to your look. Classic.

Or wear a blazer or jacket over your stripe. This style will dress it up and heighten the sophistication of the stripe.

At first, you may cover the stripe up, or wear it quietly until you get used to you in a stripe.  By midsummer you'll be rockin this stripe out alone, confident your body is looking fabulous  in that stripe.

 Pairing #TheFloral and #TheStripe my happiest couple!

What did you say? Really?

 Yes, pull a fabulous floral skirt and a striped top out of your closet, place them on the floor together overlapping and see the Art.

 Now, walk into your closet and have fun! It's summer, it's warm and your garden is blooming. So let your shoulders drop, erase your stress and breathe. Grab what makes you smile NOT what's easiest. Take the time to style yourself and show that you care.

You will feel better, stand taller and walk with confidence.


"Your Style is Your Unspoken Voice"

What do you want to say today?





What you're saying without knowing.

Stop right now and give yourself a #OnceOver what's the first thought that comes to mind?

positive? negative?

What #ShouldHave or #CouldHave you done to look better?

Then the justification excuse.

"I'm just running here" "I didn't have time" or something.



If an excuse is about to come out of your mouth, then you need to reassess your closet! Your way of grabbing and go!

Styling yourself is the start button of your day. Your excitement, your get up and go!

If your closet scares you, If your closet doesn't have obvious easy style to grab, then you are buying wrong.

You are choosing wrong.

You need to reassess and analyze your buying habits.

The first step to feeling fabulous and making things happen begins with the ingredients found within your closet.

It's like your pantry filled with necessary items to create meals.

The choices should be easy to see, easy to wear, be able to be mixed into casual, dressy, stylish and chic.

Now you're saying, but I don't go anywhere and I want to be comfortable.

Again, then you're purchasing wrong. Your closet no matter the style should be comfortable.

I can wear a dress, a skirt, pants or shorts and be just as comfy in any of those looks.

Last but not least. What are you saying with the sweats, well your yoga pants? You're  messy "I don't care" "it's ok to be sloppy" "sweats go everywhere"

Then when your children grab a hooded sweatshirt and sweats to school how can you say anything? You're in your version of it. Who's influencing who?

Their excuse, everyone wears these. My words would be, "how embarrassing why oh why would you want to blend in and not be you?" seriously?

You are the head of your house.

Take control of your wardrobe. and everything else will begin to surprise you.

Back in high school my dad insisted I do parties where the kids had to dress up. Why?

He told me this truth.

When you dress up, you stand taller, you are more attentive, and you act calmer.



When I see the kids today walking around in their sweats, I am truly appalled.

No creative. They look dirty. They look tired. They look apathetic.

My children never even asked to wear that in public.

Messy style never even crossed their minds, they were always dressed and READY for anything.

They knew we could run into clients anywhere or well.. Life happens when running with me, anything can happen.


as my dad always said:


This way you don't EVER have to apologize for your look!





Add a scarf to a cozy sweater

Add a scarf to a cozy sweater

The scarf adds a bit of depth to your simple sweater yet is comfortable and creates #ICare to your look. 

Blazer secret

Blazer secret

Discover blazers/jackets that are soft pliable material and wear like a sweatshirt but looks more put together.

Shorts can be styled

Shorts can be styled

Hot day? Wear your shorts just add an unbuttoned maxi dress as a vest and add a simple bandana scarf around your neck.  A good shoe always makes you look more styled! Pay Attention To Details.


 #JustDoStyle Always!

(How do you get inspired?)

Hopefully from everywhere!! Always keep your eyes open and look around. See the colors, the lines, the draping, the architecture and #TheDetails make or break it. The seam, the hemline, the zipper, the button.
These finite details are the marks of #TheArt embedded within. I find myself buying an exquisite piece because of the button. The art of a single button can make my heart skip a beat. Truth!
When one is addicted to style, and shopping it is such an exquisite "high" a burst of energy a spark! Discovery of a treasure on the rack!
I'm not an online shopper. I definitely need to touch, to feel, to see, to try and IMAGINE!! Where will this design take me? I have a very full life in my head. A fantasy of happy scenes filled with exotic places and treasures of delight that I need ALOT of clothing to fulfill.
I never buy just to buy! Ever! I love the process. I love the silence. I love the narrative in my head. The "yes..#DoIt" girl on one shoulder The "no..#Dont" girl on the other.

Another truth: I can justify anything.

Anything I choose that I desire to bring into my closet #MustHave a history, a reason, a magic!
One Last Warning!!! Never Ask Where Will I wear it?

This is the most UNIMPORTANT question ever ! Unnecessary! Seriously stupid!

When I hear someone ask this in my store, I rudely interrupt and say Stop It! This IS not what fashion is about! When you discover style perfect for you and you feel great in it, that's your answer!
Your Style can never be time sensitive or place required! Just Wear It! Put It On! Anytime! Anywhere! #JustDoStyle Always!!!


ootragirl 💋 

The happy feeling of #WhatWillBe

The happy feeling of #WhatWillBe

#HowTo Travel Like an #OotraTravel Team


This is easy to answer!  Impulsively . They pick a destination. Tyler researches finds the nooks and crannies, places to be, and the rest just falls into place. Tyler has a gift for discovery of magic for any location.

Living life joyously is to truly be impulsive ,inspirational and accepting of impulsiveness.

No schedule and just let things  happen,nudge you in the right place! The best lesson to learn.

Discovery of the true art of living is so beautiful when there is space to allow things to appear for you!

But, you must leave SPACE to expand,grow, explore and enjoy!

Our team took off for Nashville this morning had a great time driving. They have shared their photos of their journey so far. And now are off to have an elegant #kickoff to their evening at the Hermitage Hotel.

I am excited to see where they end up tonight and what's on their list tomorrow.

Wherever the wind blows they will float, taking photos and soaking up the inspo, through their stylist eyes.

When you choose a trip to enjoy the scene it's quite peaceful. Try it sometime without an agenda. A wish list of ideas, a book of answers and an open mind. A trio of friends ready to investigate, click and be joyful!

Enjoy my #OotraTravels Team pics and Have a great evening!!




Toasting the beginning of their First Evening in Nashville! 

Toasting the beginning of their First Evening in Nashville! 

Let the giggles begin! 

Let the giggles begin!