Never Straight&Easy

There are a few of us, the independent, the entrepreneur who would look at this road and straight and boring.

We would NEVER choose this road.
We crave the S-Curves, we SEE the angles, the options, the intersections! We seek the disruption. We love the thrill of the impulsive,unexpected challenges.
So let the others choose the simple straight path.And We will choose excitement.The highs, the lows, the fear, the challenge and every disruption and unexpected issue.
Navigation is Living.Curiosity our assistant for growth!
If you're comfortable you're not growing.
If you have fear of what's happening, where you're going and feel the shifting sands then know you're growing. You are learning. You are pushing. Let it ride, follow your nudge and be excited about where you're going!
No time to yawn. Lets GET GOING together!




A New Year For ALL!

Remember this.

Everyone is beginning at the start line!

This IS a fabulous opportunity for every single one of us. Think.

What changes are you going to make?

What do you want to see? create? end? begin?

No major plan needed. Just place your mind  where you want to be.

SEE The BIG picture.

FEEL The BIG picture. Be IN the scene.

Make yourself comfortable and begin to LIVE within.

The Majority of Specific New Year Resolutions set you up for FAILURE!

Life corrections, improvements  and deletions are NEVER a black and white issue.

Patience. Belief. Trust. Yourself.

Your desires, your feeling, and ability to trust in it: THE Vehicle to take you there!

I can't tell you why

i can't give you scientific specifics

but your DESIRE is the strongest foundation to create your dreams.

You may journal your intentions and yes be specific if you desire BUT the single most important thing is to visualize the feeling of being there.

The strength of that feeling will allow you to push through the negative that comes at you.

Stamina through your passionate belief.

There is nothing stronger than your vision and your inner knowledge of seeing it through building it piece by piece daily.

Remember Assess daily the wins and the losses each teach you something.

The entrepreneurs that win have failed many times YET do not take it personally they take it as a step and a lesson towards improvement. They sweat, they ruminate, they wallow in self torture, but they continue on! They get up every day and get back at it.

What kills an entrepreneur ? Routine!

Entrepreneurial souls thrive on highs, lows, wins and fails. They love the frenetic saturation of the moment!

So Grab your journal and write down the sense of the world you want to live in in 2017. And how will you create it!

Tear some magazine pictures out and let's create a picture of your world for this New Year!

Have Fun with it. Dig deep. and make it you!

Go off the page and don't use scissors.

Exact perfection does not exist.

Get comfortable with that.

Success awaits.

See you soon!



Gift Giving Simplified.

It is not the price you pay, it is the emotion created within the gift you choose. We girls are not all that difficult to please. We adore trinkets, treasures and fun.

The gifts below are a perfect treasure box  for us to open.

Miniatures of luxurious happiness.

Remember we just want to know you're thinking of us and our needs.

Gift giving is an art and can be overwhelming. Just think simple and the emotion you create.




Small Business

Bigger Is Not Better. Its time we get back to human interaction again.

My truth for my company Ootra. Smaller is more potent. We have more impact.

Where are you able to find a company that spends the time to train your daughter?

A company that cares to teach business principles and accountability.

Where the girls  actually put their phones down, learn to talk, engage and listen.

The #HowTo Style themselves appropriately for the day and comprehend the importance of dressing. Taking action for growing into the next level of action. High school to college expectations!

They learn the difference between craving to be liked by peers to being independent strong thinkers and creators. Entrepreneurs. Indidividuals who will make a difference and share their knowledge.

They know anything can be done through the power of thought and The action of Doing!

Ootra was developed to train young minds and create an environment that no other companies do today!

We are surrounded by Nationals, Big Boxes and Internet ordering. The environment is one in which our towns avoid human interaction. They dictate Bigger is Better! Lower prices rule. 

Rents escalate. And The Big Box Bland Style dominates.

We know the truth. Small business is a dying breed. Our towns are squeezing us out. We hang in there through sheer will and fierce belief through the good we bring to each person.

We do not choose the easy route. But we choose the path of most resistance yet the MOST powerful one of all.

Teaching. Loving. Caring. and Compassion.

At the end of each day whether we sold nothing or we had a good day.

Our team walks away knowing as we look over our shoulder smiling at our dimmed lights at Ootra.

WE made a difference in each other. Filled with gratitude.

WE remain true and filled with Belief that we will survive.

We know that our growth happens one person at a time slowly but with a depth that most will never experience.

We operate with old fashion traits. We listen. We do not push. We wrap your things beautifully and we deliver. We care. We want you to smile and feel better about your day.

I am filled with such gratitude for every day we are open and the souls we impact.

If you desire a true styling of your day come on in. Make an appointment or walk in. We are here ready to RE Teach your ability to grab from your closet!

Debbie Jagel


4th Generation Entrepreneur

Always swimming Upstream


Why Instagram?

Ii say you MUST have your eyes closed!

This summer: Fact:

Discovered on Instagram

Hired to cover an evening barn party.

Through that party i met so many beautiful people from the area.

The next day.

I followed up.

I posted. I shared the pics with the host of the party.

I watched FB and friended everyone who was there. Linked in. etc.

I have become friends with most.

Since, that night, i've been invited to 5 more gatherings. Run into many at farmer markets and have created a wonderful circle of friends.

My feed did this for me.

This last week i was approached by a company that features pop up spaces online. We are now collaborating on a few business ideas.

My feed did this for me.

Why instagram?

That's why.

You never know.

Questions to ask yourself?

What message is my feed saying?

What do i want to accomplish?

What is my end goal?

Are my images worthy?

Assess daily.

Quit worrying about likes, followers

Post high quality

Post cohesive message

Be consistent

Engage with high integrity.

Track your results

Forget official analytics. In fact ignore!

Have your own built in metrics

Most of all ENJOY!

Believe me if you force it

everyone will know

If you're desperate everyone will sense

If you're too manufactured you lose it!

Above all. Be YOU!

Let your personality and passion out!

Let us see you through your captures!

Let us peek into your life!

Relax and over click. I average approx 75 images a day. The more you click the better your eye becomes. The better at filters you become!


A clear concise feed with beautiful imagery to pull from.

I never plan my feed.

My beat of my life is not planned and perfect EVER!

I get busy

or i don't feel like an image.

My feed is my true moment to moment feel.

Nothing planned contrived or calculated.

It's in the moment. How I choose to Live.

Now go click away and have fun.

I have grown my feed over 35k in 10 months you can to.  Inquire at

 -Debbie Jagel